International Shipping


Whenever you need assistance shipping on a global level, THERON-LSP can help you save costs, time, and reach more customers through our international shipping services.

We help our customers make international shipping more efficient so that they can best serve people all over the world.

International shipping is a complex process. Every country has its own rules and regulations on both imported and exported goods, and it is critical to know these laws. If your freight does not meet compliance rules, it will not pass the customs clearance. International shipping requires collecting and distributing various documents, billing, and monitoring freight on the way to its final destinations, which can be very time consuming.

That is why many companies use third-party logistics providers and freight forwarders to successfully arrange their international shipments. If you ship a large volume of freight, you may need more precise monitoring and additional services.

Why choose THERON-LSP ?

How Does Global Shipping Work?

Our team will take care of the entire freight shipping process. All we need are addresses, shipment information, and your customs broker information. Then, our carriers will pick up your freight, take it to the port and will load it for transit. Essentially, THERON-LSP will find the most practical and cost-efficient solution for your business. Once your freight arrives, the carrier in the destination country will pick up and deliver it to the final destination.

International Shipping with THERON-LSP

THERON-LSP is one of Indonesia’s leading 3PL providers with almost 20 years of industry experience. Our company can add value to your supply chain and arrange international shipping of any complexity.

QUALITY SERVICE You can focus on your business goals while we will handle the entire process from start to finish. Our company will manage your transportation, customs clearance and freight protection.

CUSTOMS COMPLIANCE We work with your customs broker or the consignee’s one to ensure a smooth and fast customs clearance process. If neither you nor your consignee has a customs broker, we will recommend one from our network of reliable specialists.

BE SECURE WITH FREIGHT INSURANCE Global shipping is naturally more complex than domestic. Long routes and multiple handling increase the risk of damage. With freight insurance, you are covered. All we need to know is the declared value of your freight to make sure it’s insured properly.


What is Ocean Freight Shipping?

More than 90% of the world’s freight is transported overseas. That makes ocean freight shipping one of the most popular and frequently used transportation methods. Despite slow transit times, shipping by the ocean is a cost-efficient and reliable way to transport huge volumes of freight.       

What is LCL and FCL Container Shipping?

Less container loading (LCL) and full container loading (FCL) are the two options for container freight shipping. LCL means that several loads are consolidated into one container, and FCL refers to a full container loaded by a single shipper.

Container freight transportation: LCL vs FCL

Ocean freight is transported in containers that come in different sizes. The smallest container has a capacity of 33 cubic meters and the largest contains 76 cubic meters. In ocean freight, there are full container and less-than-container shipments. If you don’t have enough freight to fill in the whole container, you still can ship freight overseas.

When choosing. Sometimes, it may be cheaper to ship FCL even if you don’t fill an entire container.

Ocean Freight Costs

Sea freight is known to be the most cost-efficient method to ship a container overseas. Essentially, ocean freight rates depend on freight volume, weight, destination, and many additional factors. Unless your freight is very heavy, ocean rates will be based on volume weight.

What are the benefits of ocean freight?

LOW COST The most compelling advantage of ocean freight is its low price compared to air freight or even trucking. If you plan shipments in advance and can survive long transit times, ocean freight can be an extremely efficient and cost-friendly shipping option.

FEWER EMISSION Ocean freight shipping is one of the least environmentally harmful ways to ship freight overseas. Speaking facts, shipping 2 tonnes for 5,000 km by ship results in 160 kg of greenhouse emissions, while the same mileage through air freight drops 6,605 kg of CO2. This makes sea shipping a much more sustainable option than any other type of transportation.

CAPACITY Ocean freight containers are huge and can handle up to 26,500 kg each. This is perfect for large amounts of goods. Ocean shipping is in high demand and there is no capacity shortage, so if you consider long transit times, it is possible to plan ocean freight shipping.


What are the disadvantages of ocean freight?

LONG TRANSIT TIMES Ocean shipping takes weeks, and sometimes even months to make it to the destination. This is a downside of low ocean freight rates. The usual shipment from China to the U.S. takes 20 – 35 days to arrive, compared to 2 – 7 days by air.

SAFETY Ocean freight is less protected that air freight while in transit. The nature of ocean shipping makes cargo more vulnerable to damage, like falling off board and even piracy. Although freight loss and theft rates are low, there is still more of a threat for a shipment that is on the ship than on the plane.

RELIABILITY In addition to long transit time, ocean shipments often suffer delays and disruptions due to customs clearance, weather conditions, and other circumstances. Ocean freight shipping deadlines are rather vague due to these factors.

Ocean Shipping with

THERON-LSP works with a wide net of freight forwarders and has the expertise to arrange ocean freight shipments for your business. Whether you need to ship a container overseas or international ocean freight transportation, we can handle it with quality, speed, and responsibility.


Whether you need overnight shipping services or international air freight transportation, we can handle it with quality, speed, and responsibility.

What is global air freight shipping?

Air freight shipping is the transportation method that refers to moving parcel and freight overseas through aircraft. Air freight remains the fastest freight shipping method, despite it is less frequently used compared to other transportation options like ocean shipping and trucking. With the rapid growth of e-commerce, air freight volumes have drastically increased within recent years. In 2019, air freight is predicted to of transported freight.

How much does international air freight shipping cost?

Essentially, air freight shipping services are known for their outstanding shipping speed that comes at a high cost. Air freight rates are formed by many different factors, including fuel surcharges, handling fees, customs payments and more, but the defining factor in the air shipping price is the shipment’s weight. In air freight shipping, both actual and dimensional weight is considered. If the dimensional weight is bigger than the actual, you will be charged according to volumic weight.

What can you ship through air freight?

Air freight shipping can handle many commodity types however, there are some goods that are predominantly shipped via air:

Other commodities include:

How does air freight shipping work?

Depending on your air freight carrier, there can be different ways of arranging air shipping. However, the general scheme looks like this:

  1. Choosing a shipping provider.
  2. An air company or third-party logistics provider registers your shipment, finds a carrier and manages freight pick-up from the facility or warehouse.
  3.  Your cargo is loaded and taken to the airline, and then loaded on the plane.
  4. After it arrives at the destination, another carrier picks up your freight from the airline and takes it to the final destination.

What are the advantages of air freight shipping?

SPEED The most comprehensive advantage of global air freight shipping is its speed. Compared to weeks, or even months that ocean shipping takes, you can receive a shipment from another part of the world in 2 – 7 days. Most air shipments are transported via truck to the airport, which may add a few days onto the time that it takes to transport a shipment. This plays an important role for retail shippers and companies who sell electronics, apparel, consumer packaged goods, medical supplies, and pharmaceutics.

SAFETY Apart from short transit times, air shipping provides shipment safety, international coverage, and fewer disruptions. It is often used for transporting valuable paperwork and expensive goods.

What are the disadvantages of air freight shipping?

PRICE The most significant disadvantage of air freight shipping is its high cost. Compared to other transportation methods like trucking, rail or ocean, moving cargo through global air freight is expensive. It can be a great solution for large companies where speed is a priority.

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